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Jetboard Joust

Use a vast array of weaponry to stop hordes of aliens from abducting your precious babies and turning them into mutants. · By bitbulldotcom


Recent updates

A Broader Palette
Well, I reckon this has been the longest break between devlog updates so far. I’ve had two contract jobs on, one of which turned into a bit of a never-ending...
It's The Little Things...
So… following on from my last post about bugs, here’s everything that was on that Trello TODO list that’s more of an ‘improvement’ than a bug (though...
Bug Daze
Yup, it’s been a while (again). I’ve really had my head down trawling through a list of bugs and small(ish) improvements that I’ve been noting down in Tre...
Die and Try Again (and Again, and Again)
This blog should really have been Configuring Things Out pt. 2 but I thought ‘Die and Try Again’ was more appropriate really. Now all the enemies and weap...
Weapons of Mass Destruction
One of the things that’s struck me whilst going through and actually playing Jetboard Joust (rather than working on individual parts in isolation) is that one...
Not *That* Kind Of Bug!
Onto the last of the ‘classic videogame’ enemies now, this one draws its inspiration mainly from the wonderful ‘Space Invaders’ style shooter ‘ Galaxi...
Creepy Crawlies
No prizes for guessing the classic arcade game that’s the inspiration for this latest enemy – yup, it’s another of Atari’s masterpieces – Centipede! W...
Splitting Up
Bit fed up with parameter tweaking, so before I finish the final first round of config by going through the treasure chamber guardians and bosses I thought I’...

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