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Jetboard Joust

Use a vast array of weaponry to stop hordes of aliens from abducting your precious babies and turning them into mutants. · By bitbulldotcom


Recent updates

Jetboard Joust DevLog #109 – Making New Enemies pt 1
Check out Jetboard Joust on Steam here . View the full trailer here . During my recent intensive playtesting sessions playtesting I’ve become a bit concerne...
Jetboard Joust DevLog #108 – Spit 'n' Polish
The last couple of weeks have been taken up with what seems like an endless round of playtesting, bugfixing, and making minor improvements. It’s the first tim...
Jetboard Joust DevLog #107 – A Day For Saving
The final major thing I wanted to do before releasing the beta (other than going back to the PC port) was implement multiple save ‘slots’ per game. It’s s...
Jetboard Joust DevLog #106 – Full Steam Ahead
Yes, Jetboard Joust can now be wishlisted on Steam here . Your support is much appreciated, even if you don’t end up buying it each wishlist helps - as does...
Trailer Trash pt 2
Please wishlist Jetboard Joust on Steam here . Well, the trailer’s finally done – thank God! As with the last instalment I ran into a few issues along the...
Hoisting the Trailer pt 1
Decided to split this devlog in two as making a videogame trailer is a fairly long process, particularly when you don’t know what the hell you’re doing! Plu...
A Broader Palette
Well, I reckon this has been the longest break between devlog updates so far. I’ve had two contract jobs on, one of which turned into a bit of a never-ending...
It's The Little Things...
So… following on from my last post about bugs, here’s everything that was on that Trello TODO list that’s more of an ‘improvement’ than a bug (though...

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