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Jetboard Joust is an intense, arcade-style, 'bullet hell' SHMUP in which you must master a vast array of ridiculous weaponry in order to defeat a race of evil aliens who are intent on abducting your babies and turning them into mutants. Think Defender meets Resogun meets Enter the Gungeon.  Don't expect a story. Do expect action, gunplay, death and explosions. Lots and lots of explosions.

The Jetboard: Leap from your jetboard like a boss to gain temporary invincibility and kick some serious alien butt. Destroy pretty much everything in your path. You rock.

The Enemies: A huge range of enemies to outwit. Be prepared for them to come at you with all the game's weapons plus their own special attacks. Watch out for a few tributes to classic arcade games of the past too...

The Weapons: From the conventional to the ridiculous! Jetboard Joust offers a plethora of powerful weapons, each with its own upgrade path, to aid you on your mission and leave a path of total destruction in your wake.

The Bosses: Defeat five huge bosses in a series of gruelling multi-stage battles. These guys will test your weapon-handling to its limits.

The Planets: Choose your own path through a multitude of battlegrounds across the surface of five different planets. Discover hidden treasure, upgrades and awesome new weapons. Unlock teleports and earn huge bonuses by clearing multiple levels.

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